5 Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations Safely at Stow-Away Storage

As the holiday season winds down in Freeport, Florida, it’s time to think about storing your festive decorations. At Stow-Away Storage, we understand the importance of keeping your cherished decorations safe and in pristine condition for the next holiday season. Here are five expert tips to help you store your holiday decorations safely and efficiently in our secure storage facility.

1. Invest in Quality Storage Containers

Using sturdy, high-quality storage containers is essential for protecting your holiday decorations from damage and deterioration. Opt for plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to shield your items from dust, moisture, and pests. Label each container clearly with its contents, making it easier to find what you need next holiday season.

2. Wrap Fragile Items Carefully

Fragile ornaments and decorations require extra care. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap or tissue paper to prevent breakage. Storing these items in compartmentalized boxes can provide additional protection against jostling and impacts during transport and storage.

3. Disassemble Larger Decorations

Larger holiday decorations, like artificial trees and oversized ornaments, can take up significant space if not stored properly. Disassemble these items if possible, and store them in their original packaging or suitable containers. This approach not only saves space but also helps maintain the shape and quality of your decorations.

4. Utilize Vertical Space

Maximize the storage space in your unit by using shelving units or stacking bins. Vertical storage solutions keep your decorations organized and easily accessible. Be sure to place heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent accidents and damage.

5. Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Florida’s humidity can be harsh on certain materials. A climate-controlled storage unit at Stow-Away Storage ensures that your holiday decorations are kept in an environment with regulated temperature and humidity, safeguarding them against warping, mold, and mildew.


At Stow-Away Storage in Freeport, Florida, we are committed to providing you with the best storage solutions for your holiday decorations. Our secure, climate-controlled units offer the perfect environment to keep your cherished items safe year-round. Follow these five tips to ensure your decorations are stored safely and ready to bring joy for many holidays to come!

For more information on our storage solutions, visit us at 15249 US Hwy 331 N Freeport, Florida 32439, contact us at 850-880-2320, or email us at stowawaystoragefreeportfl@gmail.com. Let us help you make holiday storage easy and hassle-free!

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